Tuesday, October 22, 2019

SinQuo 11 - 15

@Have quest for quality against qualification. @Get yourself away from you are not respected. @Learn to raise questions and answers are yours. @The urgency inherent in questions generates immediacy of answers. @We can't dream what we don't know.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

I Dream about...

... A day when India unites together without regard caste,creed,class or colour to like brethren... A day when India caste out communal politics and its filthy advocates from both politics and religion... A day when its leaders value democracy and serve people with nobility and standard... A day when India pioneer an era to come where no wars, no terror, no hostility to neighbouring countries... A day when man greets the other beyond his/her attributeS... A day science join hands with peace and welfare against developing calamitous warfare, poisonous food, noxious medicine and endangering future... A day when no child is dead of starvation... A day when no girl or boy forced to labour against education... A day when none of my brothers and sisters raped or abused... A day when men and women enjoty equal rights and opportunities without reservation... A day humanity enjoy a life of reason against religion... A day when humankind embrace immortality and infinity with the unending possibilities of science...

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

We Need a Political Change!

We need a change of political feel: from the horror of Indian National Congress and from the terror of Bharatiya Janata Party to the harmony Humanism. We need a change of political perception: from the feudalism of INC and from the fanaticism of BJP to the liberalism of freeman. We need a change of political Attire: from the malice of white and from the tremor of saffron to the comfort of colors. We need a change of political ancestry: from the royal of INC and from the Menial of BJP to the splendor of wise. We need a change of political future: from the oligarchy of INC and from the anarchy of BJP to the Democracy of Commons! Yes, we need a political Change...!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Have Own Ideologies...

It is not necessary that you need to follow some ideologies pertained to your life and it's affairs. if you say, "I am a mam/women of left/right political view" or "I follow christian/hindu idea of god", you actually restrict your stance on politics, religion, god, culture, etc within those ideologies framed by someone else! I suggest that you should not claim to follow any of such ideologies everyone else follows. You must have your own set of ideas on all affairs of man and world based on your experiments and experiences. Here, the hurdle is sometimes you may not be able to stipulate a name/term for your ideology if you yet to christen them! Yes, you need to resort in explaining it into detail to make the other understand as it is new and different from his. I still challenge everybody to bid bye to so called ideologies at least for your life to stand for yourself!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Code of Life (COL)

Every human being must have a ‘Code of Life’, either self made or adopted, for his discipline and fulfilment of life. I stipulate a common ‘Code of Life’ (COL) limited with only three golden rules: Concentration, Originality and Love. Concentration is nothing but the complete involvement of a man in each moment of his life. Even a single moment should not pass without his awareness of that fraction of time. It is the state of mind to be developed with higher level of attention. When we sleep, laugh, study, and even when we fight with someone, we must concentrate fully in it, so that the flaws of carelessness will not threat our activities and destinations. The culmination of concentration of human life is at his attentive death with the bliss of life fulfilment. Originality is the state of human self observing stainless individuality. In other words, originality itself is individuality. Even in individuality also can be contaminations but originality connote pure and real state of personality. Originality is the fidelity towards oneself without imitations and careless adaptations. Be original simply means be yourself. Today, people adjust and compromise between their original self and social expectations for their worldly comforts betraying their true self. Great men have never gone against their originality and it touched every sphere of their lives. Love must not be perceived in our normal sense of usual love we have with our dear ones. Here love is an aspect of human totality towards everything. When you read, labour, play, eat and even when you get angry, do it with encompassing love and hence there will be a divine hallow over all your actions. Love is joy and fullness. It is the duty to your brethren. By integrating concentration, originality and love in your life, you are inviting your greatness of life.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

One’s Destiny

“Self actualization through self realization” is the human destiny. Everyman has his own unique destiny on earth and which completes only at the accomplishment of his life. Destiny is nothing but the creative purpose of a creature. The creator has infused the ability and energy to actualize this purpose of creation within every creature. But it is our obligation to realize our destiny and toil for its actualization as we are endowed with the faculty of mind. All other creatures and objects achieve their fulfilment through their ‘natural instinct’ and their destiny is to assist human beings to actualize their destiny. Hence, keep in mind that we human beings have vital role in determining the destiny of other creatures and objects associated with us. Realizing oneself, stage by stage, is the system of self actualization and is a continuous process. Here one is obliged to do only what he ought to do. I have to realize the ‘Real I’ of the each moment and must act upon to actualize that ‘Real I’. This is what the programme of realization and actualization of each moment of life. Here, the core factor lies in our awareness that we are living; yes, live with awareness of life. ‘Real I’ of the present must embrace the state of ‘Actual I’ of the future, where one’s self actualization takes place. This is the cosmic culmination of human life where one expands himself to the entire universe, where his convergence reaches its culmination to explode it into his divergence, where he fuses himself to the eternity and which is nothing but we call ‘The Death’. The totality of one’s life is his destiny or his scheme of “Self Actualization through Self Realization”.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SinQuo 1-10

1. Death is nothing but the birth to the metaphysical world.
2. Splash water of smile at the fire of revenge of your enemy.
3. Love your books, your best friends, who take you to the infinite horizon of your life.
4. Cry sometimes and enjoy your tears.
5. Nobody fails; but it is the very few who realize their success.
6. I am not ready to auction my love ever.
7. Success is made up of 99% human industry blessed with1% of divine luck.
8. Some deceptions can never be forgotten, and hence forgiven.
9. Law always fails to love.
10. Love is not a pastime; it’s the state of mind to the beloved.